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Protection for Your Players 

Most risk management systems are outdated and disconnected, leaving your organization vulnerable. Consider a tool that enforces protocols, prevents un-vetted volunteers working with minors, and eliminates risk for your players. 

Engaged Participants in Safe Environment
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Peace of Mind
for Parents
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Eliminates Inefficiencies for Volunteers
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Playerspace, A Safe Place to Play

Manage and Report on Background Checks 

We partner with employee and volunteer screening firms such as the Background Investigation Bureau and Sterling Volunteers to help you make quicker and more confident hiring decisions while also saving you on background check costs. You will also be able to monitor and track the certifications of your program staff, as well as automate your volunteer hours reports.  

Standardize Volunteer Vetting Workflows 

Playerspace’s risk management software for youth programs creates the workflow needed to properly vet your potential staff. In this process, all volunteers and staff are fully evaluated before assignment, ensuring safety and compliance for all that interact with your members and program participants. 


The Price of Noncompliance 

Without implementing risk management strategies or using a proper service to perform a background check on every new hire and volunteer for your programs, your organization runs the substantial risk of noncompliance and infraction, which can have devastating financial implications for your organization. 

Child safety is priceless – this shouldn’t be where you cut costs at your organization.  

A Fully Integrated Risk Management Solution that Works 

Managing volunteers without an integrated sports program management system is irresponsible and we take this to heart. Don’t leave your organization at risk and inevitably face the consequences from lack of transparency and visibility into which volunteers are assigned to teams. 

Playerspace makes this possible by integrating league management with volunteer and staff documentation, providing everyone maximum visibility into coach assignments.  

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With our risk management solution, no one slips through the cracks.

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