We opened our doors in 2006 with one simple mission: Use technology to help people play sports more often, in more places and with more enjoyment. Instantly it became a labor of love. 
We operate under some pretty simple principles:

  • You Got It! That’s right. When our customers need something, they get it, because their needs are as important to us as they are to them.

  • Next Right Action! We frequently say: “With PLAYERSPACE, you don’t need to know software, you just need to know sports." Our Next Right Action concept on which the PLAYERSPACE platform was built means that no matter where you are in our system, the next 3, 4, 5 or more Next Right Actions will be apparent. Our broad and deep management system features intuitive, logical and often sequential navigation.

  • Love What You Do! The games we play in are our favorite. Of course we enjoy watching professional athletes, but we love our own games. Creating as many opportunities to participate and share those sports experiences remains centric to how we operate.

Meet the Team


Chris Capone

VP, Sales & Customer Operations


Pete Gratale

VP, Business Development


Jeremy Hans

Customer Success Manager


Todd S. John



Kevin Lockamy

VP, Product & User Experience

paul copy_edited.jpg

Paul Murray

Software Developer


Michael Ondrejko



Angie Papach

Customer Success Manager

Morgan Rasmussen

Customer Success Specialist


Jeffery Shain